OSI Industries and Global Increase

Presently, the OSI Industries forms one of the top companies supplying food solutions in the world. The company has 65 facilities in 17 countries with 20,000 employees. The company has grown from a humble background to become the world’s largest food providers. OSI Industries is a company that keeps growing in the ever-evolving story of the modern globalized market. The company’s history can be traced back to the American immigrant experience. This large Germany immigrant population made the city to become an industrious one as well as an entry point for Germany immigrants who were still coming to America. Otto Kolschowsky was among the many Germany immigrants who were staying in Chicago.

The Germany immigrant by the name Otto Kolschowsky started a small business in Chicago, Illinois. The small business was a retail meat market and butcher shop. The retail shop was serving the Germany immigrants within his community. After the first decade of being in business, the retail shop grew and became more successful to become a wholesale. This growth in business prompted Otto to enlarge his operations to Chicago’s Maywood suburb. The retail store was more successful in the following decade from a family-based business to be named Otto & Sons in 1928.

Ray Kroc came up with the earliest restaurant for McDonald’s in Illinois’ Des Plaines in 1955. Before the restaurant came into existence, Otto & Sons and Ray had an arrangement. The agreement was that the Otto & Sons were to supply beef products to the restaurant. As the McDonald started growing, Otto & Sons was increasing too hence Otto & Sons becoming a global organization called OSI Industries.

The OSI Industries has been putting more attention to foreign and domestic expansion in the past five years. Since the 1970s when Sheldon Lavin joined the company, he has been fueling and directing the first and continued international expansion. The current acquisitions and purchases will see the company enlarge its productivity. For instance, in 2017, the OSI Industries bought Chicago’s former Tyson Food Plant. This plant offers more space for OSI to expand its production for customers from North America. In addition to this, OSI also in 2016 acquired Flagship Europe to expand its reach across the United Kingdom as well as other European parts. Lately, Flagship Europe received a new name of Creative Foods Europe to define the capabilities of the company better. According to Creative Food Europe said the acquisition of his company by OSI would help the company to improve its position in the market arena.

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