The Many Benefits of Receiving Butt Lift Surgery in Dallas

When you come to Dallas, Texas, there are plenty of exciting things to see and do. Dallas is the typical American city thanks to its wide array of living-components. The medical community is very large in this city and some of the industry’s top clinical personnel reside here. At present time, cosmetic-surgical procedures is on top of its game in American society. This is a multi-billion dollar industry on an annual basis. The city of Dallas is thriving with activity from this sector of business and the butt lift is the reason why.


Brazilian butt lifts are revolutionizing cosmetic surgery. This procedure can enhance your natural shape, which can help make you more appealing. The Brazilian butt lift inflates your ego in a literal-sense. Liposuction is the weapon of choice, and it does all of the hard work. By making tiny incisions on the buttocks, surgeons will transfer fat from other areas of your body into your buttocks. Thanks to providing great safety practices, the fat is purified before it is directly injected. Purification keeps your body from rejecting the actual fat, and it’s great for reducing any blood clots. The procedure can take up to an estimated two or three hours, but general anesthesia will be used during this time.


Dr. Clayton Frenzel of BodEvolve Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Spa is a leader in the field. This plastic surgeon is dual-board certified, and he uses some of the most innovative equipment. Dr. Frenzel has completed well-over 600 cosmetic procedures to date. Dr. Charles A. Wallace of Reflections Aesthetics Center is also a great choice. He has been with this institution for over a decade, and he has 25 years of total experience in this field of work. These are just two of the leaders in this eclectic field, but Dallas has many other top-level plastic surgeons to choose from.


Rick Shinto and His Goals for InnovaCare

InnovaCare is a healthcare provider that makes sure to offer high quality services that not only include the best services such as customer service and advanced technology, but also makes sure to provide all of these services at an inexpensive rate that makes healthcare more than ever available to even the poorest household. In present day, as the issue of healthcare becomes more and more complex, InnovaCare wants to make sure that people are provided with the services that they need at an inexpensive rate. The founder of this company believes that healthcare should not be a luxury, but should be considered a basic need of the people. Visit to know more about Innova Care.

The leader of this company is Richard Shinto, a medical expert who has decades of experience within the field of medicine. Richard Shinto not only has a degree in medicine, but also has an MBA. He is a man of many talents who is able to lead the company on both the medical side as well as on the business side. Richard Shinto, like the believes of the company overall has stated on numerous occasions that healthcare should never be considered an expensive luxury.

In a complex healthcare environment, InnovaCare Health provides the services that are needed for each individual patient. This company believes that the most important aspect of the business is building a relationship with the patient and making sure that communication is clear between the service provider and the patient. InnovaCare believes that without a strong relationship, there can be no trust within the company. InnovaCare is built on trust and wants to make sure that the patients of this company understand how loyal that services are that are provided to each patient.

Transparency and quality are other characteristics of InnovaCare that are taken very seriously by the service providers. Rick Shinto has made sure that every one of the employees that works for InnovaCare is a dedicated individual who shows loyalty to the patient first. With the goal for integrity, Rick Shinto believes that InnovaCare will continue to climb the ladder to become one of the most competitive healthcare providers. With this in mind, he hopes to re-shape the healthcare system in the near future. View the company profile at LinkedIn.

Lifeline Screening Prompts More To Take Note Of Their Health

Lifeline Screening is a company that provides medical screening at a reduced cost. Many people go long periods of time without seeing a doctor or having any medical tests done. The equipment that is used to perform these tests are found in hospitals and testing facilities, and not usually in doctor’s offices, so getting them done on a stand-alone basis is normally not possible.

The Lifeline Screening tests are three-fold in design, the first being the ultrasound test. The ultrasound is the same kind of test that a mother-to-be would use to determine the sex of her baby. Sound waves are sent toward the body, and the organs inside are displayed in real life. Using the ultrasound lets the technician see whether any arteries are clogged, and it measures bone density, which determines if a person is suffering from osteoporosis.

The Finger-stick blood test takes a few drops of blood derived from a prick on the fatty part of a finger which produces a full lipid panel. The panel shows the person’s cholesterol levels, both good and bad. It shows the blood sugar levels which measure for diabetes as well as the level of liver enzymes to detect if a person has liver disease.

The third type of test is the limited electrocardiograph. This is a measurement of the heart, particularly if there is any arrhythmia. It measures for atrial fibrillation with is an irregular heartbeat, also called A-Fib. A-Fib can be very dangerous as it can cause the formation of blood clots which can cause a stroke.

All of the information is non-invasive, and the tests are easily done at a modest cost compared to what they would cost if done in a hospital or a testing facility. Once the results of the tests are known, they are forwarded to the individual’s personal physicia for evaluation.

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