OSI Food Solutions is a Growing Company That Cares About Its Workforce

OSI Food Solutions is an American food company that runs facilities all over the world. The company employs more than 20,000 people and works for towards the success of each one of its employees. OSI does its best to provide a stimulating work environment and has always functioned like a large family. Known for its innovation and diverse workforce, the company has always encouraged its employees to think like entrepreneurs.

OSI Food Solutions makes its employees feel right at home and always takes their ideas seriously. Sheldon Lavin, the company’s CEO, has always pushed to ensure that the families of OSI’s employees are also treated like family members. The teamwork of the company has enabled it to continue to make large strides in the food industry, and its hiring model, which is based on equal opportunity, ensures that no person will be discriminated against for any legal reasons when coming to the company for employment.

OSI Food Solutions has recently been expanding as much as possible. The company has always made growth a top priority and has continued to move into new markets all over the world. In 2016, OSI purchased a former Tyson Foods facility in Chicago that is located close to another one of its facilities. It is expected that this new facility will provide infrastructure and support to the other and will also help the company to reach more of its customers with amazing food options. The purchase of the facility costed OSI Food Solutions $7.4 million.

OSI Food Solutions also decided to expand an existing facility located in Toledo, Spain this year. The facility processes pork, beef, and chicken, and OSI added a high capacity production line to help deliver more chicken and chicken products to its customers. The facility was formerly able to process up to 12,000 tons of chicken a year and can now process up to 24,000 tons. The reason for the upgrade was due to the increasing demand for chicken products in the region, which includes Spain and Portugal. David McDonald, the company’s president, was on-hand during the upgrade to comment on the fact that it will definitely help OSI to better serve its customers in the area.

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