Magical Makeup: Doe Deere and the World of Lime Crime

Doe Deere is on a mission to prove that makeup is about so much more than covering imperfections. The CEO and founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics, one of the first digitally-native beauty brands, wants her customers to use makeup to express themselves unapologetically. The makeup range itself is certainly unapologetic, with products like blue lipstick and purple hair tints, all marketed as “makeup for unicorns.”


Deere has always seen life through a colorful lens, getting her start in the creative industry by designing and making her own clothes. The idea to start a makeup line came from her desire to have makeup to complement her outfits. When she couldn’t find the exact bright colors she wanted, she decided to make them herself. A lifelong love of fairy tales led to the whimsical, rhyming brand name and in 2008, Lime Crime was launched.


The original Lime Crime collection featured eye shadows, blushes, glitters, primers, and brushes, which Deere promoted with online makeup tutorials. She also held online contests and other giveaways of fantasy-style accessories, garnering a dedicated fan base and media exposure that really helped the brand take off. Today, the company boasts over 3 million follows on Instagram and ships around the world.


This growth led to an expansion of products, all of which are cruelty-free and vegan. The line now includes everything from lipsticks and lip glosses to loose pigments, eye shadow palettes, and hair tints. Deere continues to create new products by listening carefully to the feedback she receives from her customers, both online and everywhere else. She is even willing to take feedback from critics, stating “there’s always something to learn if you’re just willing to open up your ears.”


Deere believes that Lime Crime’s success stems in large part from the fact that she has always focused on how the point of beauty is to make people happy. She believes that there is no point in creating products that don’t inspire and transform people. Believing that putting on makeup should feel like “a magical fairy is waving a wand over your head,” Deere continues to create products that bring out the best possible version of the person wearing them.


Moving forward, Deere looks to create more themed makeup, especially targeting Generation Z, who has grown up online. She says that she will continue to draw inspiration from fantasies, subcultures, and mythical creatures. She also draws inspiration from Karl Lagerfeld and her favorite book, “War Paint” by Lindy Woodhead, which focuses on some of the pioneers of the New York beauty industry.


Although unicorns and all things holographic have become a trend as of late, for Deere, they’re a lifestyle. Lime Crime occupies a niche market, offering makeup for people who truly want to live out their fantasies. With Deere at the helm, it seems like Lime Crime’s fairy tale won’t be ending any time soon.


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How Fabletics is Making Waves for Other Fashion Companies

Fabletics has grown to a point where they are now one of the top competitors in the fashion industry. They work hard to make sure they are helping all their customers not only get the clothes they want but also the service that comes along with a great company. Fabletics does their best to make sure they are giving all their customers a positive experience. From the first time customers visit the website to setting up their subscription boxes, Fabletics gives them everything that will make the process more enjoyable. They know what it takes and they aren’t afraid to deliver in every way possible.


Even though other companies have tried to copy what Fabletics is doing, none of them can get it as right as what Fabletics has done. They are original and they know just what their customers need to make the shopping experience more enjoyable. They identify with customers so customers will be able to enjoy their products. They do different things to make their customers happy and they promise to always give them the best experiences possible. It is what has allowed them to continue growing their business while they are also providing exceptional service to each of their customers.


Fabletics keeps growing and they work toward a positive future in everything they do. Fabletics knows what it takes to make things the right way for customers. They know the best business practices and they know how to show them to the customers they have. It has been a huge help for people who are doing their best in the different clothing sectors. Fabletics knows what it takes and they’ll continue to provide positive opportunities to all their clients. The company has done their best to show everyone what it takes to be a real business.


Since the company knows how to give their customers a good experience, they know it will always change the way they are doing things. They also know there is nothing better than giving their customers a good experience so they promise to do that for the rest of the time they are in business. As long as Fabletics is doing business with their clients, they are confident they can offer them a great experience. They want every customer they have to be satisfied with the clothes they have and with everything they are a part of so they can keep coming back.

Fabletics Trying To Beat Amazon

Fabletics is by no means a company that sells products for everything you need the way Amazon offers. However, they are indeed trying to beat out the market for everything a woman will ever need for activewear. Fabletics is a company that provides women with the most affordable clothing for their activities and sports. It’s the place to be if you want to be active and find clothes that will help complement your workouts and daily activities. If you’re always on the go, their clothing is right up your alley.


Fabletics is trying to build real life physical locations to allow for women to walk in and enjoy trying on the clothes in an instant. Members can walk in, try the clothes, and enjoy buying them online if they choose to. Fabletics is by far the most unique online store because of how they are going to try and incorporate the way their stores connect to the online location.


Kate Hudson is the woman behind the brand. As the star of the company, she also works hard behind the scenes. As one of the co-creators, she is held responsible for many aspects regarding the brand and what they have to offer. With the wide range of things they strive to do, this brand is unique in its own way and Kate loves helping the company reach their fullest potential. She gladly walks into the office whenever she can during the month to work on the kinks and work out what needs to be fixed. She’ll even do anything marketing related and will use her celebrity prowess to help move the company forward.


So what are women saying about Fabletics? For review blogs like A Foodie Stays Fit, she loves the idea behind the brand and what they are doing. She enjoys the fact that there is clothing that fits women who are as big as XXXL. Fabletics wants to reach out to women of all sizes to let them in on the fact that they can stay fit no matter what their current size may be. Fabletics wants to bring people in and give them the chance to stay active and get the clothes that fit them.


Fabletics is here to give you a unique opportunity. You can take their quiz right now to let them in on what kind of activewear you want to try on. They will help narrow everything down.