What makes Robert Deignan Successful

The Co-Founder and CEO of ATS Digital Services, Robert Deignan has been making an impacting the business world for quite some time. His company is committed to helping consumers all over the world with their technological concerns. Deignan is a native of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He is a graduate of Purdue University where he earned a degree in Organizational Leadership. His talents have even led him to a short stint in the NFL where he played for both the Miami Dolphins and the N.Y. Jets. It was shortly after his time in football that Robert Deignan began his journey as an entrepreneur.

Robert Deignan’s company ATS Digital has made a major impact across the world. His idea for his business was actually rooted in his work with another company. While working for another Anti-Malware company, Deignan realized that the company needed to staff over the phone assistance to help people get rid of the Mal-ware. Customers seemed very happy with the service and their ability to get quick help. Deignan decided to keep the idea and use it for his own service.

Most of Deignan’s success is rooted in his specific routine. His typical day starts early around 5:15am. Like most successful people he gets an early workout in to start his day. He enjoys working out with a partner to keep him motivated. Deignan’s morning also consists of seeing his children off to school and spending time sitting quietly thinking about his day. All of this takes place before he gets to his office around 8:20. He works a long day usually until 8pm or so before heading home for dinner and a few minutes of ‘me’ time before getting to bed.

Deignan has great advice for young up and coming entrepreneurs. One of his top pieces of advice is be careful when going into business with family or friends. This can be risky and should be avoided as much as possible. He also advices people to be willing to make changes when necessary. Deignan believes that with hard work and commitment business dreams can come true.


Doe Deere is the Queen of Unicorns

Doe Deere aka “Queen of Unicorns” has unconventionally built a victorious business, Lime Crime, putting her on top of the cosmetic industry. Deere was born and raised in Russia until the age of 17 when she moved with her family to the United States. She lived in New York City from 1998 until 2012. She currently lives in Las Angeles, California.


While in New York, Doe Deere became a musician, which was her biggest childhood dream. Her experience as a musician taught Deere about having a career and marketing. Being a musician also taught Doe to appreciate her fans and those who showed up to her events and supported her. She took what she learned and utilized it in her cosmetic career.


Seemingly born with and entrepreneurial ambition, Doe ran her first small business at the age of 13, selling temporary tattoos to her classmates. She marketed the tattoos by wearing them herself, making them look cool, and convincing others that they should purchase them and wear them also.


Doe Deere believes strongly that everyone is unique and that their individuality is what holds their value. Like so many others in the world, while growing up, she felt very different, as if their was no one else in the world that could possibly love the things that she herself loved. But, what she learned was that there were plenty of people in the world who were similar to her with the same interest as her and loved the same things as her, such as rainbows.


It was this realization that was the foundation for the creation of Lime Crime. In 2008, Doe began to take a liking to more unusual and brightly colored make-up. Back then, the trend was more in the nude family of colors. This made it hard to find the bright, bold, and unique colors that she was interested in therefore, she began to make unique make-up herself. Filling the colorful make-up void, Lime Crime became very profitable.


Make-up gives Doe the freedom to express herself without being concerned about the judgement of others. Her hope for Lime Crime is that it makes others who use it feel comfortable being themselves. Doe majored in fashion design at FIT in New York. With her fashion background, Doe feels that everything we put on, clothes, make-up, accessories and even how we wear our hair, allows our individual self expression. Learn more: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/lime-crime-launches-mlf-velvetine-collection-for-mothers-day-300444493.html