OSI Industries and Global Increase

Presently, the OSI Industries forms one of the top companies supplying food solutions in the world. The company has 65 facilities in 17 countries with 20,000 employees. The company has grown from a humble background to become the world’s largest food providers. OSI Industries is a company that keeps growing in the ever-evolving story of the modern globalized market. The company’s history can be traced back to the American immigrant experience. This large Germany immigrant population made the city to become an industrious one as well as an entry point for Germany immigrants who were still coming to America. Otto Kolschowsky was among the many Germany immigrants who were staying in Chicago.

The Germany immigrant by the name Otto Kolschowsky started a small business in Chicago, Illinois. The small business was a retail meat market and butcher shop. The retail shop was serving the Germany immigrants within his community. After the first decade of being in business, the retail shop grew and became more successful to become a wholesale. This growth in business prompted Otto to enlarge his operations to Chicago’s Maywood suburb. The retail store was more successful in the following decade from a family-based business to be named Otto & Sons in 1928.

Ray Kroc came up with the earliest restaurant for McDonald’s in Illinois’ Des Plaines in 1955. Before the restaurant came into existence, Otto & Sons and Ray had an arrangement. The agreement was that the Otto & Sons were to supply beef products to the restaurant. As the McDonald started growing, Otto & Sons was increasing too hence Otto & Sons becoming a global organization called OSI Industries.

The OSI Industries has been putting more attention to foreign and domestic expansion in the past five years. Since the 1970s when Sheldon Lavin joined the company, he has been fueling and directing the first and continued international expansion. The current acquisitions and purchases will see the company enlarge its productivity. For instance, in 2017, the OSI Industries bought Chicago’s former Tyson Food Plant. This plant offers more space for OSI to expand its production for customers from North America. In addition to this, OSI also in 2016 acquired Flagship Europe to expand its reach across the United Kingdom as well as other European parts. Lately, Flagship Europe received a new name of Creative Foods Europe to define the capabilities of the company better. According to Creative Food Europe said the acquisition of his company by OSI would help the company to improve its position in the market arena.

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What makes Robert Deignan Successful

The Co-Founder and CEO of ATS Digital Services, Robert Deignan has been making an impacting the business world for quite some time. His company is committed to helping consumers all over the world with their technological concerns. Deignan is a native of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He is a graduate of Purdue University where he earned a degree in Organizational Leadership. His talents have even led him to a short stint in the NFL where he played for both the Miami Dolphins and the N.Y. Jets. It was shortly after his time in football that Robert Deignan began his journey as an entrepreneur.

Robert Deignan’s company ATS Digital has made a major impact across the world. His idea for his business was actually rooted in his work with another company. While working for another Anti-Malware company, Deignan realized that the company needed to staff over the phone assistance to help people get rid of the Mal-ware. Customers seemed very happy with the service and their ability to get quick help. Deignan decided to keep the idea and use it for his own service.

Most of Deignan’s success is rooted in his specific routine. His typical day starts early around 5:15am. Like most successful people he gets an early workout in to start his day. He enjoys working out with a partner to keep him motivated. Deignan’s morning also consists of seeing his children off to school and spending time sitting quietly thinking about his day. All of this takes place before he gets to his office around 8:20. He works a long day usually until 8pm or so before heading home for dinner and a few minutes of ‘me’ time before getting to bed.

Deignan has great advice for young up and coming entrepreneurs. One of his top pieces of advice is be careful when going into business with family or friends. This can be risky and should be avoided as much as possible. He also advices people to be willing to make changes when necessary. Deignan believes that with hard work and commitment business dreams can come true.


Penelope Kokkinides champions for Medicaid Advantage increased funding

Penelope Kokkinides is the current Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) of Innovacare, Inc. Before becoming the CAO, she had been the Chief Operating Officer (COO) in the organization and COO of Aveta Inc. She had served as Clinical Operation’s Vice- President. Penelope has over 20 years’ experience in healthcare, specializing in the managed care industry and government programs. Her knowledge and skills spread over clinical programs development and healthcare management processes, with a bias in organizational infrastructure and efficiencies improvement.


Before rejoining Innovacare Healthcare in 2013, she was Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President of Centerlight Healthcare, overseeing management as well as strategic direction of the managed care department. Penelope has worked at Touchstone Health as COO and at Americhoice as Corporate Vice President, heading Care Management and Disease Management. Americhoice is UnitedHealth Group’s business unit where Penelope developed and implemented the firm’s health model.


Penelope Kokkinides has a bachelor’s degree from Binghamton University where she studied classical languages and biological sciences. She holds a master’s degree from New York University where she specialized in social sciences and a public health master’s degree from the School of Public Health of Columbia University. Kokkinides studied substance and alcohol abuse in a post master’s degree program.


Recently, Penelope attended a White House meeting in which she discussed with President Trump and the CMS administrator, Seema Verma, on legislation of federal healthcare. In the session, Penelope deliberated with Seema and Trump on the importance of increasing Medicare Advantage funds in Puerto Rico. Since 2011, the federal funding for the Medicare Advantage had been reduced in Puerto Rico and had continued to drop over the last few years. Penelope affirmed her hope in the current administration that it would consider adjusting the payments for Medicare Advantage to facilitate their coming out of the predicament. She said that solving the federal funding cuts issue would not only be doing the right thing but also a responsible thing.


Medicare Advantage is the most famous plan in Puerto Rico, and Innovacare Heath has about 560,000 beneficiaries. The White House meeting focused on women’s significance in the healthcare sector. President Donald Trump recognizes that women play a crucial role in the American healthcare profession being that many are nurses and doctors. The meeting concluded with Seema Verma offering extremely favorable adjustment for the healthcare industry in Puerto Rico, which for Penelope was the administration sector’s significant contribution.


Sussex Healthcare For The Elderly

In the last ten years, the demand for care services for seniors has increased tremendously in the UK. Sussex Healthcare has however continued to give state-of-the-art facilities for the senior members of the society. Sussex Healthcare has over the years dealt with symptoms of motor neuron disease, dementia, multiple sclerosis and lesions among the elderly and other adults. Their recent appointment of Amanda Morgan-Taylor as the facility’s new CEO indicates that its leadership is determined to provide specialized care for those in need.

Since its founding in 1985, Sussex Healthcare has now established more than 20 homes, especially in the south-eastern area of UK. In each of its homes, the company provides 24/7 quality services through their specialists. In recent times, there has been a shortage of nurses despite a rising demand of home aides. This has resulted in the rise of the average cost of at-home services by about 35%. Once an individual chooses their services, Sussex Healthcare performs an extensive evaluation to indicate the most suitable activities for the client.

Located in Horsham, West Sussex, and Sussex Healthcare offer a wide range of services to its clients. They exclusively deal with assisted living, health care, elder care, nursing and residential care. Regarding their services, they offer hydrotherapy mainly in group sessions to improve the flexibility, strengthen joints and reduce soreness among individual to increase their well-being. They also offer reflexology services, which is massaging to mitigate stiffness and reduce soreness. They also organize general gym work, especially for clients with neurological disorders.

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Having been in business for over 25 years, Sussex Healthcare has been on maintaining the quality of their homes and services. In 2002, the care home received accreditation from the Health Quality Service (HQS). Later in 2003, it gained the Investors in People standard. In undoubted recognition of their quality, they went on to receive International Standard ISO 9000:2000, one that covers the quality management systems. This two awards made Sussex Healthcare the only care home to win the duo accreditation of ISO 9000:2000 and HQS in the UK.

Within the care home, the elderly are taken care of by qualified and well-experienced professionals. Among them include registered care home managers in their different homes, registered nurses, deputy managers for the various homes, chefs, care assistants, senior care assistants, and administrators, among others. By hiring qualified and registered professionals, Sussex Health Care aims at being the leading nursing and residential care provider in Sussex.

Its CVS And Amazon For The Fate Of The Pharmaceutical Universe

It might not sell out all of the tickets at the movie theater, but a matchup between CVS and Amazon is something that a lot of people would like to watch. It is happening now as the two companies have started to spar over who will have the most market share in the pharmaceutical market.

CVS has taken the step to purchase Aetna. They are largely believed to have done this as a way of shoring up their position in the market. At the same time, Amazon has been making overtures that they want licenses from different states to start selling pharmaceutical products over the Internet.

When the news about Amazon came out, it surprised a lot of people. It definitely got the likes of CVS and others to pay attention to what was going on. They did not want the competition from a company like Amazon, but they also did not have much of a say in the matter. If Amazon wanted to get its foot in the door, then that was what they were going to do.

While this is perhaps scary for CVS, it is all good news for the consumer believes Drew Madden. As an entrepreneur in healthcare information technology, he has long believed that companies consolidating in ways like this is actually very helpful to the industry as a whole when it comes to the consumer’s end of things. We get to reap the benefits of companies innovating more to best serve all the rest of us.

A lot of big players in certain industries do not necessary feel the pressure to innovate if there is not a catalyst for them to do so. They may look at the landscape and feel pretty safe about their position in it. Fortunately, when events like the Amazon move come out, companies like CVS realize that they have to do something. This is what has so many so excited about what is happening in healthcare right now. We just might be looking at some of the biggest changes to the industry in a very long time, but that is definitely for the better.

Magical Makeup: Doe Deere and the World of Lime Crime

Doe Deere is on a mission to prove that makeup is about so much more than covering imperfections. The CEO and founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics, one of the first digitally-native beauty brands, wants her customers to use makeup to express themselves unapologetically. The makeup range itself is certainly unapologetic, with products like blue lipstick and purple hair tints, all marketed as “makeup for unicorns.”


Deere has always seen life through a colorful lens, getting her start in the creative industry by designing and making her own clothes. The idea to start a makeup line came from her desire to have makeup to complement her outfits. When she couldn’t find the exact bright colors she wanted, she decided to make them herself. A lifelong love of fairy tales led to the whimsical, rhyming brand name and in 2008, Lime Crime was launched.


The original Lime Crime collection featured eye shadows, blushes, glitters, primers, and brushes, which Deere promoted with online makeup tutorials. She also held online contests and other giveaways of fantasy-style accessories, garnering a dedicated fan base and media exposure that really helped the brand take off. Today, the company boasts over 3 million follows on Instagram and ships around the world.


This growth led to an expansion of products, all of which are cruelty-free and vegan. The line now includes everything from lipsticks and lip glosses to loose pigments, eye shadow palettes, and hair tints. Deere continues to create new products by listening carefully to the feedback she receives from her customers, both online and everywhere else. She is even willing to take feedback from critics, stating “there’s always something to learn if you’re just willing to open up your ears.”


Deere believes that Lime Crime’s success stems in large part from the fact that she has always focused on how the point of beauty is to make people happy. She believes that there is no point in creating products that don’t inspire and transform people. Believing that putting on makeup should feel like “a magical fairy is waving a wand over your head,” Deere continues to create products that bring out the best possible version of the person wearing them.


Moving forward, Deere looks to create more themed makeup, especially targeting Generation Z, who has grown up online. She says that she will continue to draw inspiration from fantasies, subcultures, and mythical creatures. She also draws inspiration from Karl Lagerfeld and her favorite book, “War Paint” by Lindy Woodhead, which focuses on some of the pioneers of the New York beauty industry.


Although unicorns and all things holographic have become a trend as of late, for Deere, they’re a lifestyle. Lime Crime occupies a niche market, offering makeup for people who truly want to live out their fantasies. With Deere at the helm, it seems like Lime Crime’s fairy tale won’t be ending any time soon.


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Businessman Roberto Santiago Is Changing People’s Worldview Through His Malls

Ask almost anybody in Brazil about Roberto Santiago and you are sure to get a smile and a good report. Roberto Santiago is one of the most popular people in Brazil right now. His Manaira Shopping Mall is the talk of the country. It’s a place people can go to for clothing, shoes, housewares, jewelry, sporting goods, furniture or anything else in its over 250 stores. Plus, its Game Station area has over 200 fun and exciting games. The mall also has about a dozen movie theatres, a large food court with diverse food choices, a gym, a bank, a school and an entertainment venue called Domus Hall that holds 10,000 people and is used for concerts, shows, fairs, festivals, conferences and more.


The presence of the Manaira Shopping Mall in Joao Pessoa has been a boon to the local economy. With so many people travelling to the city to have fun and spend money at the mall, local businesses are doing a booming business. Thousands of people in Joao Pessoa and surrounding areas have work and economic opportunities in the mall or because of crowds it generates. Thousands of others were able to get construction jobs when Roberto Santiago built the Mangeira Shopping Center in southern Joao Pessoa in 2014. Businesses from other parts of Brazil are relocating to Joao Pessoa to take advantage of the crowds and they too are hiring local people.


And Roberto Santiago intends to expand his mall empire even further. He’s already made plans to build large new malls in Rio de Janeiro and in Sao Paulo. The excitement Santiago’s mall building spree has created is palpable. People from all walks of life now have easy access to things they had only heard about. Roberto Santiago is dramatically changing the quality of life for many people with his malls. It gives a large number of people many more entertainment choices and access to all types of food. Plus, with Domus Hall, many people have the chance to see some of the top entertainers for the first time.


Through his mall, Roberto Santiago is creating a measure of social change in Brazil he probably never even considered. Many people are being exposed to things they never have before. Often it is something as simple as being able to have the choice of a wide array of first-run movies or new video games using the money the malls have helped them to make. For a growing number of people Manaira Shopping Mall is the new social center of their community. It’s there they enjoy new experiences, become exposed to new ideas and meet new people. Roberto Santiago is transforming their world one experience at a time.


Dr. Saad Saad puts patients first

Dr. Saad Saad realized his career dreams at just a young age. His two older brothers who were both working construction at the time (and later became engineers) and he wanted to be just like them. It is a very common thing that younger siblings want to be just like their older brother and sisters. Well, the young future doctor was working construction with his brothers during the hot summers in Kuwait where he was raised. It can get up to 110 degrees Fahrenheit there. It was the unrelenting heat that made Dr. Saad Saad change his mind and opt out for a profession that included the indoors and air conditioning. Soon after he chose the life of doctor and surgeon. He moved to the United States and trained under the country’s best pediatrician Dr. H Biemann Othersen. Invaluable lessons were taught especially when it came to caring for each patient. They deserve the upmost respect and equal care regardless of their race, background, financial standing, etc. Dr. Saad Saad really took this to heart and has carried this with him when treating all this patients. He actually has won the Patients’ Choice Award in 2014 and the Compassionate Doctor Recognition Award in 2014.


The kind doctor is affiliated with a number of hospitals including Monmouth Medical Center, Clara Maass Medical Center, and Jersey Shore University Medical Center. He is a hard worker and puts the needs of his patients in the forefront. Dr. Saad Saad has very high standards that include no music or personal chatting in the operating room. He also makes sure to get plenty of sleep the night before and a proper breakfast to start off his day on the right foot. This makes things a lot easier and focused. The inspiring doctor has worked hard for his success. He says if a refugee from Palestine can make it, anyone can. With inspiring words like that, it’s hard not to get moving on your dreams. One of the best $100 he spent was on a $99 dollar plane ticket from Cairo, Egypt to Beirut, Lebanon. Dr. Saad Saad took his ECFMG exam there and it changed his life indefinitely.


Retired Co Medical Director at Hovnanian Children Hospital Dr. Saad Saad has performed countless pediatric surgeries on children ranging from infants to teenagers. Giving back is also in his nature and has gone on eight medical missions to Jerusalem. Poor disadvantaged children got the often complex surgeries they needed thanks to the help of Dr. Saad Saad.


The doctor attended Cairo University in Egypt where he received his medical degree. Soon after he started practicing medicine and has had a very lengthy career. With over 42 years under his belt, Dr. Saad Saad has won many awards and has helped many children get the kind of medical procedure they need. He currently lives in Eatontown, New Jersey with his wife of 42 years. They have four children together. Learn more: https://www.facebook.com/drsaadsaad12

The Many Benefits of Receiving Butt Lift Surgery in Dallas

When you come to Dallas, Texas, there are plenty of exciting things to see and do. Dallas is the typical American city thanks to its wide array of living-components. The medical community is very large in this city and some of the industry’s top clinical personnel reside here. At present time, cosmetic-surgical procedures is on top of its game in American society. This is a multi-billion dollar industry on an annual basis. The city of Dallas is thriving with activity from this sector of business and the butt lift is the reason why.


Brazilian butt lifts are revolutionizing cosmetic surgery. This procedure can enhance your natural shape, which can help make you more appealing. The Brazilian butt lift inflates your ego in a literal-sense. Liposuction is the weapon of choice, and it does all of the hard work. By making tiny incisions on the buttocks, surgeons will transfer fat from other areas of your body into your buttocks. Thanks to providing great safety practices, the fat is purified before it is directly injected. Purification keeps your body from rejecting the actual fat, and it’s great for reducing any blood clots. The procedure can take up to an estimated two or three hours, but general anesthesia will be used during this time.


Dr. Clayton Frenzel of BodEvolve Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Spa is a leader in the field. This plastic surgeon is dual-board certified, and he uses some of the most innovative equipment. Dr. Frenzel has completed well-over 600 cosmetic procedures to date. Dr. Charles A. Wallace of Reflections Aesthetics Center is also a great choice. He has been with this institution for over a decade, and he has 25 years of total experience in this field of work. These are just two of the leaders in this eclectic field, but Dallas has many other top-level plastic surgeons to choose from.


The Life of Hussain Sajwani

It’s been a long and eventful road to becoming head of DAMAC Properties for Hussain Sajwani, but he has worked hard to build the company he founded in 2002 to one of the most successful property development companies in the Arab world and beyond. However, DAMAC was not always the property development giant it is today — in fact it started as a catering company that played an integral role in the United States Military’s Operation Desert Storm and Hussain was awarded a plaque commemorating his companies excellent service. After a ruling by the Dubai government that allowed foreigners to begin owning property Hussain Sajwani switched real estate development and began DAMAC in 2002, a wildly successful move that has launched Sajwani to #3 on Forbes’ list of wealthiest from the United Arab Emirates. Today, DAMAC claims a revenue of nearly $2 billion annually and employs roughly 2,000 people while building some of the most high-end developments around.


Born to an entrepreneur in Dubai and educated at the University of Washington in America, Hussain Sajwani has reeled in a number of high-profile clients as DAMAC Owner. Perhaps most famously, he has partnered with legendary golfer Tiger Woods and the Trump Organization to build the highly anticipated Trump World Golf Club in Dubai which is set to open at some point during 2018. The course will be set in some of the most sought after real estate in all of the Middle East and will feature top-level courses, restaurants, practice facilities and pro shops.


However, it is not just building and ambition that drives Hussain Sajwani, he is also considered a man of the community. In 2013, Hussain Sajwani generously donated AED $2 million to clothe a million children worldwide. The donation was in celebration of the spirit of Ramadan and has gone a long way in making a difference in the live’s of children who are desperately in need of basic clothing and shelter. Hussain Sajwani, owner of DAMAC properties is a clever businessman, and still keeps up an effort to better the world around him.


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