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31/01/2018 · The fashion retailer has added a new skirt to their collection and it’s tickled people over in Asia for looking remarkably similar to a traditional fashion staple. Many quickly drew comparisons between the Zara skirt and a lungi, a skirt worn by men in places such as India, Myanmar, Thailand, Pakistan and more to keep cool amidst the boiling. If only Miranda Priestley could see Zara’s 2018 Spring-Summer collection which comprises of a skirt with an uncanny resemblance to your dad’s favourite piece of clothing, The Lungi! She would probably call it “Groundbreaking”. The much loved-hated fashion brand made it to news again and this time for a skirt which looks so much like []. 02/02/2018 · Zara is selling a skirt that looks like a Lungi for Rs 4500. More on 9XOEmojiLife.

31/01/2018 · Fast fashion retailer Zara is taking some serious cues from India’s street fashion. As part of it latest spring-summer collection, the Spanish retailer, known for its upmarket styles, has launched a chequered mink-coloured skirt that bears a striking resemblance to a lungi pronounced “loongi. Women's skirts that are in style this season at ZARA online. FREE SHIPPING to try on at home without complications. The midi skirt comes in a range of styles perfect for any occasion, from the office to weddings. Flowy pieces add a feminine silhouette to your look, while pencil skirts will flatter your figure. Show off your personality with pleats, floral prints and original fabrics.

31/01/2018 · Zara is selling Indian Lungi at an exorbitant rate and the social media users aren't taking it well. The traditional checkered garment is worn in many parts. 31/01/2018 · Now global fashion brand Zara has started selling something remarkably similar to the fashion staple, for the price, in the UK at least, of £69 $98. According to Zara, theirs is a "check mini skirt" with "draped detail in the front". It has a "front slit detail at the hem" and "zip fastening in the back hidden along the seam". 30/01/2018 · London, January 30: Lungi, an Indian traditional dress and also a humble dress has caught the imagination of international retailer Zara which is selling it online for around 70 pounds or Rs 6,250. On its website, Zara describes the sarong as a ‘flowing skirt with draped detail in the front and.

29/01/2018 · Zara might occasionally sell clothes that are all the rage but sometimes they get it so, so wrong. Remember the sock-stiletto fiasco? The abominable combination of a sockattached to high heels, for a whole £60? Now they’re testing the waters again and must be having a laugh with a lungi. 04/02/2018 · Zara has come under fire from social media users, as one of the high-street giant's recent designs is being called out as an example of cultural appropriation. The Spanish retailer is currently selling a checked skirt on its website which bears a striking resemblance to the traditional 'lungi', worn. 02/02/2018 · The skirt, which is native to India and Southeast Asia, and is popularly worn by men, has onlookers in disbelief that the retailer is selling the 'Thai grandpa uniform.'. Zara Looks like fashion is at it again. A number of people have taken to Twitter to call out Zara for selling a skirt that’s. You have 30 days from the shipping date to return yourpurchase for FREE. AT A ZARA STORE. You can exchange or return items at any Zara store in the country/region where the purchase was made. AT A DROP-OFF POINT. You can leave your package at our courier’s nearest drop off location. Some of our items may have special return conditions.

30/01/2018 · The lungi is a traditional garment worn around the waist by men in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and other countries of South East Asia. Zara's version, meanwhile, is described on their website as a 'flowing skirt with draped detail in the front' featuring 'front slit detail at the hem' and 'zip. 28/01/2018 · Photo from Zara website. For Indian Twitter users, the sudden glory of lungi, which was last made popular through the song "Lungi dance" from Chennai Express, was a reason for a good laugh. People from outside India are amused at the “resemblance” between the skirt and “Asian male skirt”. 30/01/2018 · Fast-fashion retailer Zara is in trouble again. As the store is testing its first click-and-click concept store in London’s Westfield shopping center, it's also facing criticism for selling a check mini skirt which some shoppers believe rips off a lungi, a garment typically worn by men in.

30/01/2018 · This article is about the high end fashion brand ZARA, which is now selling a checked mini skirt that looks strikingly similar to a lungi that people wear in India. 01/02/2018 · Fast-fashion retailer Zara is in trouble again. As the store is testing its first click-and-click concept store in London’s Westfield shopping centre, it's also facing criticism for selling a checked mini skirt which some shoppers believe rips off a lungi, a garment typically worn by men in. AT A ZARA STORE. You can return items at any Zara store in the country/region where the purchase was made as long as the store has the section to which the product belongs – woman, man, kids. HOME items can be returned as well to ZARA HOME stores. Some. 30/01/2018 · Zara's $89.90 "check mini skirt," aka lungi look-alike. One major difference is that Zara’s model needs to be secured with a zipper in the back, “hidden along the seam.” The average South Asian dad holds his lungi up by sheer force of will. 01/02/2018 · High street retailer Zara has been widely mocked for marketing a £70 checked skirt which bears a striking resemblance to a cheap sarong worn by Asian grandfathers. The fashion brand’s description of the new mink-coloured garment as a “check mini skirt” with “draped detail in the front.

Zara on its website described the lungi-like skirt as a 'flowing skirt with draped detail in the front' featuring 'front slit detail at the hem' and 'zip fastening in the back hidden along the seam'. The skirt on the website costs around Rs 4,990, while the lungi in India sells at the starting price of Rs 90. 13/02/2018 · A lungi is a lungi; don’t let Zara convince you otherwise. For generations, many men in South Asia, including India, have been wearing one, mostly for its comfort factor, but when the fast-fashion retailer tries to pass this simple garment off as its creation and something for which you’ll need. 31/01/2018 · The sarong-style skirt, described as a “flowing skirt with draped detail in the front, slit detail at the hem and zip fastening in the back hidden along the seam” is being sold at Zara’s UK online store at £69.99, which amounts to more than 6,250 Indian rupees! Twitter, as always, had a field day over the lungi-style skirt. 30/01/2018 · Zara Tries to Pass Off Lungi as a Skirt & Twitter Isn’t Having It. SHARE, SAVE, COMMENT. Zara makes the lungi high end. Photo: Altered by The Quint. Zara Tries to Pass Off Lungi as a Skirt & Twitter Isn’t Having It. And this is what leading fashion brand Zara calls a ‘flowing long skirt’ and sells for Rs 6000 online. Many are pointing out that Zara's new 'check mini skirt,' which is priced at $89.90 £69.99, looks strikingly familiar to a lungi, a sarong-like garment worn by some men in Asia.

While that should be good news for Indians, it seems Zara’s lungi-style skirt is not as modest as our nation’s favourite attire for muggy weathers. The lungi-skirt style that is listed as a ‘checked mini skirt’ is available on the brand’s website and has been described as a flowing skirt.

  1. Zara’s new skirt is basically a very expensive lungi. And Twitter can’t deal with it Fashion retailer Zara’s latest design – a lungi-style skirt – has set Twitter abuzz.
  2. 30/01/2018 · Zara is currently selling the checked Asian-style skirt - commonly known as a lungi - for £69.99 which has sparked fury amongst social media users, who say the skirt.
  3. This season's skirts come in eclectic styles for different silhouettes and occasions. Straight cuts coexist with flowy pieces. Fashionable prints, embroidery and new fabrics bring the collection to life. Explore the latest collection of skirts from ZARA WOMAN online.
  4. 02/02/2018 · People are criticizing Zara because of a "check mini skirt" that looks like a lungi, a garment traditionally worn in India and other parts of South and Southeast Asia.

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