Victoria Doramus Contributions to Animals Wellbeing Initiatives

Having an impact on people and animals is one of the major Victoria Doramus motivations. She is certain that if everybody did something to save fellow humans or animals, the world would be a better place. On that note, she is a regular supporter of initiatives aimed at helping animals. Apart from her extensive writing on the importance of caring for animals, she is part of the most vocal platform for animals care. Through Best Friends Animal Society, she has been part of the journey in rewriting human interaction with animals especially through providing shelters and medical attention. The organization, which is nearly four decades, is the best example of what humans can do to protect animals according to Victoria Doramus.

Apart from the organization having a good idea on animal care, animal supporter Victoria Doramus is happy with the organization approach to the rehabilitation and care approach. The organization has a policy on helping animals regardless of their age, species, or their locality. This principle according to Victoria Doramus is not only mind-blowing but also a broad step towards the future of animal protection. All the donation people like Victoria Doramus donates goes to the operations of the foundation, getting medical attention and any other urgent services that the animal may need. Through efforts of people like Victoria Doramus, the organization has successfully rehabilitated over 1600 animals

In addition to her conservation passion, Victoria Doramus is zealous about other many things. For example, she is a talented and passionate marketer. Marketing, especially on traditional and new media, is her cup of coffee. She has been personate about making corporates around the world achieve their goals by reaching to bigger and potential markets. In all his marketing gigs, Victoria Doramus (@iamvictorialynn) loves to give each assignment a professional and customized touch as opposed to a generalized approach. Her approach to work explains the reason why she has been one of the best marketers in the past.

University of Colorado graduate has been part of the best marketing teams in the world. Some of these marketing teams include Trendera, Stila Cosmetics, and Mindshare. In all these entities, her contribution was unmatched.

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