Its CVS And Amazon For The Fate Of The Pharmaceutical Universe

It might not sell out all of the tickets at the movie theater, but a matchup between CVS and Amazon is something that a lot of people would like to watch. It is happening now as the two companies have started to spar over who will have the most market share in the pharmaceutical market.

CVS has taken the step to purchase Aetna. They are largely believed to have done this as a way of shoring up their position in the market. At the same time, Amazon has been making overtures that they want licenses from different states to start selling pharmaceutical products over the Internet.

When the news about Amazon came out, it surprised a lot of people. It definitely got the likes of CVS and others to pay attention to what was going on. They did not want the competition from a company like Amazon, but they also did not have much of a say in the matter. If Amazon wanted to get its foot in the door, then that was what they were going to do.

While this is perhaps scary for CVS, it is all good news for the consumer believes Drew Madden. As an entrepreneur in healthcare information technology, he has long believed that companies consolidating in ways like this is actually very helpful to the industry as a whole when it comes to the consumer’s end of things. We get to reap the benefits of companies innovating more to best serve all the rest of us.

A lot of big players in certain industries do not necessary feel the pressure to innovate if there is not a catalyst for them to do so. They may look at the landscape and feel pretty safe about their position in it. Fortunately, when events like the Amazon move come out, companies like CVS realize that they have to do something. This is what has so many so excited about what is happening in healthcare right now. We just might be looking at some of the biggest changes to the industry in a very long time, but that is definitely for the better.

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