Magical Makeup: Doe Deere and the World of Lime Crime

Doe Deere is on a mission to prove that makeup is about so much more than covering imperfections. The CEO and founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics, one of the first digitally-native beauty brands, wants her customers to use makeup to express themselves unapologetically. The makeup range itself is certainly unapologetic, with products like blue lipstick and purple hair tints, all marketed as “makeup for unicorns.”


Deere has always seen life through a colorful lens, getting her start in the creative industry by designing and making her own clothes. The idea to start a makeup line came from her desire to have makeup to complement her outfits. When she couldn’t find the exact bright colors she wanted, she decided to make them herself. A lifelong love of fairy tales led to the whimsical, rhyming brand name and in 2008, Lime Crime was launched.


The original Lime Crime collection featured eye shadows, blushes, glitters, primers, and brushes, which Deere promoted with online makeup tutorials. She also held online contests and other giveaways of fantasy-style accessories, garnering a dedicated fan base and media exposure that really helped the brand take off. Today, the company boasts over 3 million follows on Instagram and ships around the world.


This growth led to an expansion of products, all of which are cruelty-free and vegan. The line now includes everything from lipsticks and lip glosses to loose pigments, eye shadow palettes, and hair tints. Deere continues to create new products by listening carefully to the feedback she receives from her customers, both online and everywhere else. She is even willing to take feedback from critics, stating “there’s always something to learn if you’re just willing to open up your ears.”


Deere believes that Lime Crime’s success stems in large part from the fact that she has always focused on how the point of beauty is to make people happy. She believes that there is no point in creating products that don’t inspire and transform people. Believing that putting on makeup should feel like “a magical fairy is waving a wand over your head,” Deere continues to create products that bring out the best possible version of the person wearing them.


Moving forward, Deere looks to create more themed makeup, especially targeting Generation Z, who has grown up online. She says that she will continue to draw inspiration from fantasies, subcultures, and mythical creatures. She also draws inspiration from Karl Lagerfeld and her favorite book, “War Paint” by Lindy Woodhead, which focuses on some of the pioneers of the New York beauty industry.


Although unicorns and all things holographic have become a trend as of late, for Deere, they’re a lifestyle. Lime Crime occupies a niche market, offering makeup for people who truly want to live out their fantasies. With Deere at the helm, it seems like Lime Crime’s fairy tale won’t be ending any time soon.


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