NewsWatch TV Receives Great Review From Contour Design

NewsWatch TV gained a new fan recently when Contour Design used the popular show to market their latest product, an ergonomic workstation called Ultimate Workstation. After the show aired, the companies web traffic spiked, as NewsWatch TV reached out to over 95 million households. The sales of the Ultimate Workstation went through the roof as consumers learned about how the workstations could improve their productivity and overall health. The company reached out to NewsWatch TV after the campaign to show their appreciation for such a successful show.

NewsWatch TV airs on both the American Move Channel (AMC) and the ION Network. It is a thirty minute weekly news show that for the past 15 or so years has focused mainly on technology-based businesses and products. The show started in 1990 as a monthly show featuring financial news but changed to a weekly show that highlighted products from technology companies. The show has highlighted many Fortune 500 companies and their products, including Sony, Audi, and Casio.

The show reaches over 200 million people worldwide each week, and has been known to showcase products that are backed by great companies. They have used celebrities and athletes over the years to highlight companies and products over the years. It has won numerous industry awards for its news coverage of consumer products, including Gold and Platinum Marcum Awards in 2017. NewsWatch TV is ran from its headquarters in Washington, D.C. and has three other offices in the United States. To date, there have been over 1,200 episodes of NewsWatch TV aired.

Dick DeVos and the Beauty of Change

People back in 1991 in Grand Rapids, Michigan were talking about the prospect of a brand new arena construction project. This arena was to accommodate all types of conventions and sporting events in the city. It was set to have a convenient location near downtown, too. Dick DeVos was 100 percent opposed to the whole concept. It encouraged him to begin the lobbying process. He had a lot about reservations about the construction mission. He thought that it could perhaps harm the well-being of the downtown area. DeVos thought that building the Pontiac Silverdome and even the Palace of Auburn Hills was a massive disaster for Detroit, Michigan. He wanted to avoid a similar catastrophe in Grand Rapids at all costs.


Dick’s wife is a famous political activist by the name of Betsy. She, like him, inherited a lot of money from her parents. She’s also like him in that she’s put that luck to good use throughout the course of her existence. Their pair have devoted many years to their efforts to adjust policies and institutions that they find to be problematic and outdated. They have a lot of magnetism in the political world, too. Their effects have brought on significant adjustments in state laws that pertain to both labor and education.


Dick and Betsy care about a vast assortment of diverse causes and subjects. They’ve set up a charitable group that’s known as the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. It’s an organization that’s donated an impressive amount of money during the years between 1989 and 2015 as well. The foundation donated a total of $138.7 million to in-depth programs that encompass all sorts of categories. These categories include churches, human services, medical care, culture, the arts and leadership. It’s even made donations that involve policy matters. The group has done a lot to improve situations for private school scholarships. Substantial reform in education is close to both Dick and Betsy.


Dick and Betsy want people in the United States to experience fairness. They back the concept of a just society every single day of the week. Bttsy is an activist who constantly thinks about education advocacy. She wants to improve the concept of educational choice in the United States. Betsy doesn’t think that it’s right that so many parents have zero choices regarding their kids’ educations. She wants people who lack money to have more options regarding their youngsters’ educational institutions. Learn more: