Securus Technologies Protecting Prison Staff Better

The prison I work as a guard has undergone changes this year to help protect officers from violence at the hands of the inmates. It was only a few years ago that the inmate visitor center was upgraded with new full body scanners to help with detecting contraband. This year, with the help of Securus Technologies, our jail has become more secure than ever.


Securus Technologies manufacturers inmate telephone call monitors, and this year we had our dated call monitoring system upgraded. The company is based in Dallas, Texas, employees over a thousand and is currently installed in well over 2,500 jails across the country. The CEO of Securus Technologies, Rich Smith, says the only objective of his company is making the world a safer place for all to live.


After my team of officers was able to comprehend how the LBS software worked, we could not wait to put the system to work. The very first week that we were able to take the officers out of the call center and use them elsewhere in the jail was huge. The software alerted my team that first week about one inmate who was asking his family to help him by smuggling medication to him at the visitor center. That week we intercepted the exchange before it could happen.


One inmate was on the phone talking with his gang brothers about a hit that was ordered in the yard. That night we did a scan of the yard and found several weapons concealed along the fence line that could have been used in the attack. The weapons were confiscated and the gangs were not allowed to be in the yard together for the week.


Each time we get a new alert, it feels like we are finally getting back some more control inside our prison.

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