Kim Dao Enjoys Good Friends and Good Food While In Australia

No matter what country she may be in at any given moment, Kim Dao always produces videos that are enjoyable to watch. In a video that was made in October of 2016, Kim is in Perth, Australia, seeing some old friends, and spending time playing with her dog.

The video begins with Kim Dao and her friend Kao heading off in Kao’s car to get some breakfast and do some shopping. The young women dine outdoors at a coffee house, and their choices of French toast and eggs Benedict are appetizingly in view.

After Kim Dao and her friend eat breakfast, they visit a dog park, where Kim’s dog has the opportunity to play with a bunch of other little dogs.

Great closeup shots of the restaurant’s menu, and the various dishes that the women order are also appetizingly presented. Learn more:

This relaxing video ends with some soothing instrumental jazz music, and Kim Dao thanking her viewers for watching. Learn more:

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